Trauma Sensitive Yoga

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What is Trauma Sensitive Yoga (TSY)?

The term trauma-sensitive yoga was coined by David Emerson, founder and director of yoga services at the Trauma Center at Justice Resource Institute. This was used as an adjunctive treatment within a clinical context. The purpose of TSY is to help clients regain comfort in their bodies, counter rumination, and improve self-regulation.
The objective of TSY is not to dredge up trauma memories, but rather to help clients heighten their body awareness, while learning to release tension, reduce fear and arousal, and tolerate sensation. The practice is based on the growing understanding that trauma takes a heavy toll on the body and the brain. Trauma Sensitive Yoga helps clients learn to calm their minds and regulate their physical responses, thus regulate their emotions. This helps the client to regain a feeling of safety inside their bodies. (Social Work Today. Vol. 14, No.6, P. 8)
Radiance Yoga of Jackson – Psalm 34:5
Bridging the gap between HEALTH and SPIRITUALITY in a non-threatening way.
Radiance Yoga recognizes the benefits of yoga far surpass simply getting in shape physically.
There are many emotional benefits to participants of yoga based on their level of commitment. Emotions are highly tied into the health of the body. The city of Jackson is known to be a very “religious” town. Many are afraid of the philosophy behind yoga and are therefore afraid to give it a try, forfeiting the health benefits they could possibly reap from the practice. Radiance Yoga desires to reach out to ALL who desire to experience the health benefits themselves without feeling like they are being brain washed into following another religion not of their choice.
“The light in me recognizes (and honors) the light in you.”
Radiance Yoga
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